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It comes from the Stone Age and survival of the fittest, where if women were not able to mate with successful men they would not have children and they would die. With the high concentration of wealthy men in London, Gus explains the UK was the next logical step for the club before expansion into Eastern Europe and Asia, and development of its existing presence in America.

Win! Two ‘Diamond’ packages with The London Cabaret Club

Just as women anywhere in the world, they are interested in meeting men of success and wealth. And has he met anyone through Secret Diamond Club willing to complete this transaction with him?

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Thursday 17 January Is this the most objectionable dating website ever? Read more from Telegraph Men.

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More from the web. This can then be changed in relation to other women who join But are they just over reacting?

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Well if we take the words of the site's founder, then yeah, it's pretty insulting. There are a lot of a wealthy men here but the women are not very attractive and it is difficult for the men to meet good looking women.

get link According to Gus, essentially, men want physically attractive women, and women just want money. Gus revealed to the Mail Online that he started his company after finding a unique gap in the market. I figured if a man really has a lot of money, he will be willing to pay.

But what does Gus say to the women and men that do - you're ugly and poor of course! The ugly girls create this moral concept around the idea; attempt to moralise the website.